Your Basic Guide to LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights are designed specifically to develop an alternative to conventional fluorescent light. They prove to be longer lasting, more efficient, and much brighter which makes them the best choice for indoor lighting. The LED technology has taken over the lighting industry by storm and has been standing at the top position for quite a while now. But LED Panel lights are new to the market and are sleek, innovative and improvised for ultimate convenience.

Especially Crafted Designs

LED Panel lights are designed specifically to allow better and improvised luminosity and illuminated conditions. LED Panel lights are designed usually of a lightweight aluminium frame, which consists of three layers. The frame is one of the most basic constituents of an LED Panel light and benefit the lights to save themselves from any light leakage. The three layers include the LED chips, a diffuser and a light guide plater. The diffuser is usually located at the very front of the light guide plate; and functions to distribute the light evenly across the given space.

There also exists a light reflector at the very back of the LED guide plate, this is an important element of solid backing, which adds to the lighting fixture’s strength and overall look. What’s more, the LED Panel lights are equipped with a heat sink system, offering you safety and security!

High Quality of Light

Now, for high quality of LED, you need the LED guide plate to be of an optical material designed specifically to offer bright lighting in connection to electric current. The guide plate and diffuser work collectively to create and distribute light evenly across the surface, as well as produce soft results instead of glare and sharp brightness. Because of the quality of materials used, LED Light panels produce high quality of light without any flickering, humming or any sort of interference.

Good Materials and Light Colour

Aluminium is the most ideal material for LED panel frames, as well as for the back cover of the panel lights. The LEDs themselves are made of collective use of gallium, arsenal and aluminium which are mixed with impurities to create free electrons; that enhance the semiconductor materials’ conductivity. The impurities determine the colour of the light produces, without using any filters.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting uses a lot less energy than traditional lighting devices such as fluorescent bulbs. The power consumption of an LED bulb ranges around 6 watts, which is twice the amount of power traditional bulbs produce and that too by utilizing only a fraction of energy in comparison.

Variety of LED Panels

The LED Panel Lights can be categorized into four types; recessed, mounted, build-in, suspended. LED panel lights can be mounted on walls, hanged on the roof, suspended from the ceiling etc. These are used creatively in all places including homes, offices, schools, libraries, restaurants etc. The choice of the type of LED panel light you require would always depend on the space you want the lights for.

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