Up & down lighting panel from Bill-lighting enjoy good reputation in Germany

Due to the high requirements for LED panel lights and other lamps in the international market, products with export qualifications often mean that they have the corresponding certification and have obtained international recognition for quality and production standards. Billionaire lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for many years. and sold products to Europe, United States, Japan and South Korea for a long time, and have a significant advantage in the globale market.

In March 2018, the up and down lighting panel lights that we developed and produced were favored by German customers. We reached a cooperation successfully after sample’s testing work. Billionaire lighting provided more than 100 sets of double-sided illuminating panel lights for store lighting project.

Real pictures from customer after panel lights installed

Real pictures from customer after panel lights installed

Lighting plays a very important role for the store. The good color rendering of the light source can display goods’ high-quality materials, exquisite design, rich color, etc., and become a catalyst for customers’ purchasing decisions, and play a role as a salesperson who does not speak.Our double-sided lighting panel lights can not only create a good lighting environment for the store, but also guide the flow of people. It can also save energy and save operating costs by designing excellent lighting environment. After the G company from Germany chose our up & down lighting panel lights, the sales of the products in the store have been significantly improved compared with the previous years.

Compared to conventional panel lights, our up&down lighting led panels can combine the upwards lighting and downwards lighting, and make the light stay in the middle space, so that people in space can feel more comfortable and natural. The luminaire subtly avoids the limitations of traditional LED lighting only down lighting effect, with same power, but due to there is no dark area at the top, so it gives a brighter, more open feeling. The soft, color temperature control of the light source creates an atmospheric lighting environment that combines optics and aesthetics.

up and down lighting ceiling suspended led panel light

up and down lighting ceiling suspended led panel light

When the light is off, our double-sided illuminating panel light is almost transparent, in harmony with the environment of application; when the light is on, the super-high light performance makes the light even and bright. The luminaire can achieve a perfect light-emitting ratio of 30% above and 70% below, allowing the suspended panel lights to still smudge upwards, creating a brighter and more comfortable space.

30% up lighting  and 70% down lighting panel light

30% up lighting and 70% down lighting panel light

Due to the uneven quality of LED products on the market, people had a stereotype of LED lighting’s glare issue. With superior product development and production technology, Billionaire lighting has changed people’s traditional views by providing the up/down lighting panels. After the products were exported to Germany, they were highly praised by customers and laid a solid foundation for subsequent long-term cooperation. Compared with other brands, our up and down lighting panel lights use imported high-quality light source to ensure stable light, natural light color, and internal illuminating without stroboscopic, optimizing visual experience. The appearance of the lamp is sleek and simple, the overall structure is beautiful and modern designed, and the three-dimensional effect is strong; Ulltra slim thickness design with 12mm only but still come with stable lamp body structure, no bending at all, always brings people very nice visual experience, ideal for use in major shopping malls, office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, factories, etc.

Optional sizes available for updown lighting panel

Optional sizes available for updown lighting panel

As an ultra-thin hot-selling LED panel light series, our up and downlighting panels currently have 300*300*12mm, 300*600*12mm, 600*600*12mm, 300*1200*12mm, 620*620*12mm, 600*. 1200*12mm and other specifications, the size of the lamp and the ratio of the upper and lower illumination can be customized according to user needs. The lamp profile is made of 6063 aluminum, which has good heat dissipation effect and a metallic appearance. The lamps are free from UV, IR and mercury during use and comply with EU RoHS requirements. The package is sturdy and stable, ensuring that the luminaire is intact during long-distance transmission.

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