Compared with conventional LED panel lights, our up and down lighting LED panel lights can be used to integrate the indirect light source that is illuminated upwards with the direct light source that is illuminated downwards, allowing light to be evenly distributed in the space, so that people inside the space will feel more comfortable and natural. The luminaire subtly avoids the limitations of traditional LED lighting unidirectional illumination, with the same power consumption, as there is no dark area at the top, so it gives a brighter, more open feeling. The soft lighting source and control of color temperature creates an atmospheric lighting environment that combines optics, materials, aesthetics, intelligence and more.

With excellent product development technology, Billionaire Lighting’ up and down lighting LED panel lights have changed the glare stereotype of LED lighting. The luminaire can achieve the perfect ratio of light with 30% upwards lighting and 70% downwards lighting, so that the hanging LED panel light can creates a brighter and more comfortable space. In addition, our up and down lighting LED panel lights are only 12mm in thickness, and the outer frame is stable and durable, the lamps are flat and not warped, giving an elegant and beautiful visual experience. As an ultra-thin hot-selling LED panel light series, our up and down light-emitting panels currently have 300*300*12mm, 300*600*12mm, 600*600*12mm, 300*1200*12mm, 620*620*12mm, 600*1200*12mm and other specifications, the size of the lamp and the lighting ratio of the up and down lighting can be customized according to user’s needs.