In daily life, the most common type of light radiation that causes light pollution is glare. Glare can cause eye discomfort, reduce visual visibility, and cause people’s vision to drop and fatigue quickly. Billionaire Lighting’s UGR series side lit LED panel light advocates the concept of healthy eye, which can effectively avoid glare and provide people with a healthier and more scientific lighting environment.

During the design process of our UGR LED panel lights, the anti-glare diffuser plate has been added to replace the ordinary diffuser plate, which effectively reduces the glare value of the lamp. Low-gloss surface treatment and more scientific production process make the luminaire diffuse better, achieve glare index control, anti-glare level UGR<19, blue light evaluation is RG0 exemption level, achieve national AA grade illuminance, light color is milder , closer to natural light.

The luminaire adopts a manufacturing process that is beneficial to improve the light-emitting efficiency of the light guide plate, and cooperates with the design structure of inner light guide plate and the surface of LEDs to ensure high product efficiency while ensuring product stability. It is ideal for office applications that require long-term desk work and those with higher eye requirements, not only without radiation and glare, but also for vision protection. At present, our UGR series LED panel lights have different specifications such as 300*300*12mm, 300*600*12mm, 600*600*12mm, 300*1200*12mm, 620*620*12mm, 600*1200*12mm, etc. If you have special needs for UGR LED panel lighting products, please contact us to get a customized order.