The DMX dimming LED panel light is developed based on the standard DMX512 communication protocol, it is dimmable and directly operated by switches which is easy to use and is mainly used for decorative display lighting in buildings. Compared with the analog control system, the biggest advantage of the DMX dimming system is that it increases the control numbers of the luminaire, reduces the complicated signal control lines, and makes large-scale control of the light possible. It has the advantages of accurate controlling, large capacity, convenient and flexible operation.

Intelligentization is one of the remarkable features of Billionaire Lighting’s DMX dimming LED panel light, with smooth dimming, adjustable dimming curve, and overheat protection. It can automatically detect various working states and error states of the system, such as load status, temperature status, current status, signal status, etc. The appearance is simple and generous, the installation is simple and convenient, the overall appearance is beautiful, and various color changes can be realized.