Different color temperatures will cause people to react differently in emotions. Warm white colors give people a feeling of warmth, health and comfort, so they are often used in homes, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, hotels, etc. Commercial white ( daylight white ) light is soft and makes people have pleasant, comfortable, and suitable for shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, etc.; Cool white light source is close to natural light, has a bright feeling, makes people concentrate, suitable for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, reading room, exhibition window and other places.

Our CCT dimming LED panel light is a simple and practical LED lighting fixture that can switch between different color temperature lights to meet the needs of users in different occasions. The product is consist of a wireless remote control, a receiver controller and a LED lighting panel. Exquisite button-type controller, ultra-thin design, uniform light output, dimmable, synchronization control, to achieve free switching between cold and warm color. The continuous current output from the digital power supply is more healthy and energy-saving, and the product life is longer.