Light is closely related to life, and different areas need to be matched with different lights to create a different atmosphere. The lighting of the bedroom can light fixture with warm color temperature to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The lamps of the restaurant can be lighting fixture with high color rendering index to make the food look more coveted. The functions of the living room are more diverse, user can choose lamps with intelligent dimming function, and choose different lighting modes according to different usage. It is same for commercial lights, the choice of lamps varies widely to create different atmospheres.

Billionaire Lighting is aiming to create a scientific lighting solution for users with our smart LED panel light series based on intelligent lighting concept. According to different product functions, our smart LED panel lights can be divided into RGB, RGBW, CCT dimming, RGBW+CCT dimming, CCT+DALL dimming, DMX dimming, ZigBee dimming, and Push dimming etc.. The LED panel light is made of high quality PMMA light guide plate and aluminum frame. The light is soft and comfortable. The LED chip has high color rendering index, effectively restoring the true color. Warm or cold color, bright or dark shade, you can control it freely such as warm color in winter, cold color in summer, brighter while reading, darker while in the night, multi-color lighting can meet the needs of different applications. Our smart LED panel lighting system can output the best lighting power to the lamps, which can reduce the lighting glare caused by over voltage, make the light emitted by the LED panel lights more softer, the lighting distribution more uniform, and the energy can be saved greatly. It is suitable to use under many different environments.