As an effective auxiliary lighting tool, LED wall lights can be used as a supplementary light source or as an art appreciation value for many balconies, stairs, corridor aisles and bedrooms. Taking household LED wall lamps as an example, the corridors and steps of the duplex building are most suitable for installing LED wall lamps. The exquisite LED wall lamps are stepped up along the ladder. The beauty of the curve is compatible with the duplex style, and the night becomes brighter.

Billionaire Lighting’s LED wall lights can be customized according to the different needs and usage environments of users. All products have passed ISO, RoHS, CE and other international certifications, featuring of environmental protection, energy saving, no radiation, no glare, no UV and infrared rays, no damage to irradiated objects and human body. The front surface of the lamp has been carefully selected to produce a fashionable appearance with strict craftsmanship; the core of the lamp is high-brightness LED chip with high lighting efficiency; the lens made of acrylic plate can make the visual feeling more comfortable and creates soft lighting environment. Can be used in hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, brand stores, conference rooms, leisure center, entertainment venues, office space, exhibition halls, restaurants, furniture and other places.