Lighting is one of the important means to decorate the environment and create an artistic atmosphere. Good lighting design can not only provide people with a good visual lighting environment, but also can use a variety of materials and different forms to achieve artistic effects.

Billionaire Lighting’s super big LED panel lights, with artistic lighting as the starting point, create an artistically beautiful lighting experience for high-end restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls and other places. The appearance of the luminaire is luxurious and the illuminating and the up and down lighting transparent LED light panel can not only provide a good decorative effect on the lighting area, but also increase the spatial level and render the atmosphere. The whole product has been designed and manufactured through multiple processes, using LM-80 high quality LED chips, AL6063 high quality aluminum material, imported PMMA high quality light guide plate, LiFud and MeanWell brand power supply, so that every perfect details of the lamp is displayed under the magnifying glass. This series of products can also be customized according to user needs, to add more artistic elements to the lamps.