Billionaire Lighting’s super big round LED panel light products have a variety of different styles such as up and down double-sided lighting round LED panel lights, conventional suspended round LED panel lights, surface mounted round LED panel lights and recessed installation round LED panel lights. Compared with rectangular or square LED panel lights, the biggest difference between super big round LED panel lights is the difference in appearance. The smooth circular design makes the lamp look softer and more fashionable, and the product features are more powerful, support CCT dimming, double-sided lighting, RGB+W and other smart coloring changing functions.

Billionaire Lighting’s super big round LED panel lights are available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing users to choose from a variety of environments and styles. The luminaire panel is made of high-quality anti-glare material and has an excellent heat dissipation structure to provide uniform and efficient light output even after prolonged use. The product installation method is diversified, and the main features are simple, fast and easy to maintain. Suitable for use in warehouses, supermarkets, exhibition halls, hospitals, hotels, museums, offices, shopping malls, corridors and more.