Billionaire Lighting’s linkable single-tube linear light has 600MM, 900MM, 1200MM, 1500MM and other specifications, according to the actual needs of users can achieve seamless rail splicing, such as straight line splicing, triangle splicing, right angle splicing, cross splicing,  hexagonal splicing, six-sided splicing and other modeling arbitrary transformation. Not only can create high quality lighting effect, but also can decorate the space, add aesthetic feeling and create interesting lighting.

The surface of lamps is treated with advanced spraying technology, which is better than similar products in rust and corrosion resistance, and is not easy to wear. The appearance can also be processed according to the color required by the customer. Suitable for offices, shopping malls, parking lots, schools, passageways, etc. The structural design of the bottom of lamps is reasonable, which can be surface mounted or suspended, flexible and convenient.