Compared with the traditional LED panel light, one of the prominent features of the linear light is that it can enhance the visual enjoyment, change the cookie-cutter decoration style, make the space full of new ideas, and turn the rigid environment into a personalized space with infinite creativity. Billionaire Lighting’s LED linear light has various types of products, such as linkable double-tube adjustable angle LED linear lights, linkable single-tube LED linear lights, 360 degree LED linear lights and 270 degree LED linear lights, which can create a high brightness and comfortable lighting environment for users.

Our LED linear lighting products are mainly used in supermarkets, stores, offices and other places. The design concept comes from the famous American designers, who pay attention to the aesthetic feeling of the product appearance while giving consideration to the lighting effect in actual use. The integration of the LED linear light lamp body and the mounting track make the seamless connection between the tracks, removing multifarious cables, making the environment of the supermarket simple and fashion, as well as making consumers’ visual experience more better. The structure design of the inverted lamp body is flexible, and the length of the hanging wire can be adjusted according to the actual needs, making full use of optical advantages, so that the beam can be evenly distributed on the shelves of goods. Our LED linear lighting is equipped DALI dimming system, which can increase customers’ purchasing desire and attract more customers.