Our regular frameless LED panel light has a variety of different specifications, each product adopts the reflective panel with even luminescence and sealed design, and the highly efficient light guide plate makes the luminance higher. The frameless design not only adds practicality and beauty of the product, but also brings convenience to the installation. It can replace the ceiling of the same specification, and the frameless design can realize seamless splicing, saving time and energy.

In terms of product structure, our frameless LED panel light uses the micro structure optical design of special light guide plate to create a uniform and soft plane light source, which can reduce glare. Innovative aluminum frame design allows light fixtures to be light and strong against distortion. In addition, the thin appearance, not only can be suspended or ceiling installation release space height, but also can greatly reduce packaging and reduce transport consumables, green environmental protection. It can be used in hotels, meeting rooms, factories, offices, schools, hospitals and other places that need energy saving and high color index lighting.