The greatest truths are the simplest, simplicity is beauty. Billionaire Lighting’s industry leading frameless LED panel light break the traditional design concept, using a new frameless technology, with aesthetic whimsical ideas to achieve a simple life attitude. Abandoning the traditional LED panel lamp processing and design process, we make full use of more advanced computer technology to continuously improve the frameless design. Take out the frame, take out the contrast colors, take out the excess corners in the structure, focus on visual integrity and coordination, and let the lamps match this simple decoration style like nature itself.

Our frameless LED panel lights are available in regular, CCT dimming and CCT dimming +GRB models. Different types of products can meet the needs of different users. The lamps adopt side light guiding technology, the products have good luminescence uniformity, soft light, no glare, suitable for lighting in office, home, hospital, shopping mall and other places.

Frameless LED panel light can maximize the luminous area and improve the light efficiency of products. The comfortable and simple model is suitable for many kinds of ceiling installation, which can realize seamless splicing and improve the space permeability. Our frameless LED panel lights have clean, noble appearance, safe and stable structure design. The luminous surface of the lamp is made of acrylic, when the product is not lit up, the surface is clean and smooth, and the color is milky white. The appearance is elegant and comfortable. It is consistent with the color of the ceiling.