Compared with the ordinary LED Floor standing light, Billionaire Lighting up and down lighting LED Floor standing light is a kind of intelligent lamp that can give off light on both sides, using optical grade light guide plate, relying on exclusive optical design, make plane light source softer, even, both sides give off light, more energy saving and environmental protection.

The up and down intelligent LED Floor standing light is 696mm long, 300mm wide and 1968mm high. It adopts SMD 2835 lamp bead, and has various types for selection, such as 0-10v dimming, 10v+ light sense, 0-10v+ light sense and human body induction. The LED Floor standing light knob is located in the best position of the lamp body, which can satisfy the users standing and sitting at the same time.

The up and down intelligent LED Floor standing light has the scientific distribution of the upper and lower luminescence ratio, the down light for the high brightness main lighting, playing the light to the ground through diffuse reflection, soft light will spread throughout the room; The up light is auxiliary illumination with low luminance, which can illuminate the whole indoor area with warmth and even anti-glare.

The lighting ratio of the up and down luminous surface can be adjusted and customized according to the actual needs of users, and all kinds of parameters can be adjusted. It is suitable for high-end meeting rooms, general manager’s office, hotels, banks, study and other areas, contributing to the construction of high-end and atmospheric atmosphere in the area, highlighting the low-key and luxurious working and living attitude.