Light also has pollution. Transient strong light, strobe light and other factors can cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, resulting in fatigue and vision decline. Glare also blurs the visual image, causes eye fatigue, reduces reading efficiency, and even causes sore eyes and headaches. Based on the concept of improving users’ eye fatigue and advocating healthy use of eyes, Billionaire Lighting design and develop UGR up and down lighting intelligent floor standing lamp, on the basis of double-sided luminescence to further enrich the product performance, from the perspective of healthy use of eyes, strict selection of high-quality UGR anti-glare diffusion plate, to provide users with the best light source. By improving the quality of illumination, it can not only care for the eyes, but also greatly improve the work efficiency of users and make them more focused.

This series of products can be equipped with both daylight sensor and motion sensor, currently available in silver outer appearance; nature white, cold white and warm white three color temperature adjustable, allowing you to easily enjoy the best light at a particular time of day. Products have passed CCC, CE, EMC, FCC, LVD, RoHS, SAA and other international certification, can be customized for the global users with different parameters and needs of the unique style, is the only choice for lighting and eye users with high requirements.