The shell and lamp pole of this product are made of high-quality aluminum, the end cover is cast by aluminum alloy, and the base is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. All the profiles are treated by special electro thermal spraying, which highlights the metallic texture of the surface. Aluminum alloy structure fully guarantees the thermal stability of lamps and lanterns, ensuring the consistency of life and color temperature. The product has been further upgraded and optimized on the basis of UGR up and down LED floor standing light just to give you a better using experience. Through the development of touch controller panel, users can more directly experience the convenience and practicability brought by this product in the process of using lamps.

The stainless steel inductive touch key has long service life, anti – scratch, waterproof. It can realize stepless dimming and switching functions, high touch sensitivity. When you press and hold down the touch point, the light will slowly change from dark to bright or from bright to dark, until you are satisfied with the brightness. Just loosen your finger, and click the touch point to turn on and off the light. The product is easy to install and safe to touch.

The product can also realize human body induction and light induction. The high-frequency sensing system independently developed by Billionaire Lighting can quickly capture the subtle movements of the user within a designated range (3.5m). When the user enters the sensing range, the special sensor detects the changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the lamp will automatically open and automatically close after the user leaves. According to the environment light, or the time of day, the lamp can automatically adjust the color temperature: when the induction of strong light, automatically turn off the induction function and enter the energy-saving mode; When the surrounding light is weak, it will automatically adjust the brightness, which is the new generation of green energy-saving lighting, the ultimate technology experience.