LED Floor standing light is often used for partial lighting, the most obvious feature is the convenience of moving. It is very practical to building to local atmosphere, can assist illumine already, highlight local lamplight effect, can adorn a space at the same time, have good adornment effect. Our LED Floor standing light is a series of intelligent lighting lamps independently developed and produced by Billionaire Lighting, which are divided into three types: up and down dual emission, UGR and UGR up and down touch luminescence. The lamp can realize AI intelligent dimming, the light can be adapted to the scene intelligently, and adjust the appropriate light automatically according to different environments, which can provide you with the lighting experience closest to natural light without strobe and anti-glare, which is very suitable for work, reading and learning.

In addition, our LED Floor standing light is very safe and stable. When knocked down by a child or pet, the stable base of the LED Floor standing light provides good stability. It is equipped with a strong outer frame to provide good protection for the whole lamp. At the same time, our LED Floor standing light with advanced electronic ballast system, can provide greater light output, large flux, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index of SMD light source with special guide plate, give full play to the luminous efficiency, ensure that the product is in use process more energy-saving, environmental protection, can be widely used in Banks, bedroom, sitting room, study, office, schools, hotels and other places.

In addition to the three types of LED Floor standing light, namely up and down dual emission, UGR and UGR up and down touch luminescence, we can also customize the lamps according to the requirements of users, and create personalized lighting lamps exclusively for you. We believe that our LED Floor standing light will provide you with a quality lighting experience. We provide a three-year warranty, and our products have passed ISO, UL, FCC, RoHs, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, SAA, ETL, ErP, IP66 and other international certifications.

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