Zigbee wireless control dimming 620*620mm smart adjustable led panel light

The BR-PL6262-60W-Z01 Smart Dimming Panel Light is a new product based on the ZigBee protocol for the brightness adjustment of common lamps for home and commercial lighting.

The light can be controlled by ZigBee dimming wall, and the brightness of the panel light can be adjusted by finger touch. The brightness of the panel light can also be controlled and adjusted by ZigBee dimming remote control. The remote control equipped with the product is ergonomically designed, and the button is designed to be easy to use according to the natural curve of the finger. In use, the light can be set in different scenes.

One lamp can be controlled separately, and all the luminaries of the scene can be controlled by one button. The light can set different modes such as color temperature, brightness, timing and delay.