smart sensing office ugr<19 double head touch dimming led standing floor lamps

This standing floor lamp is our newly developed double-head type touch smart standing lamp. The unique shape makes the appearance of the lamp more novel and unique. The double-head design can make the lamp range wider and the light is more even and soft. The base of the fixture is also designed in a two-way design to ensure a safer and more stable use.

This standing floor lamp is recommended for high quality UGR anti-glare diffuser, UGR anti-glare index <19, very suitable for use in office and reading environment, can effectively reduce visual fatigue and create a healthy eye experience. The touch standing lamp has 0-10V dimming, 0-10v dimming + light sense, 0-10v dimming + light sense + human body induction, 0-10v dimming + light sense + motion sensing + light sensitive four smart dimming modes, Users can switch the best lighting method according to actual needs.