Ra≥80 wireless remote control rgbw color led panel light without glare

BR-PL60120-54W-W01 is a color panel light developed by Billionaire Lighting manufacturer. It can realize color change of RGBW or bright white light alone. It can be remotely controlled by wireless remote control or mobile phone.

The product has excellent light output, high light efficiency, no ghosting, no glare, high degree of reduction, and the average value is ≥80. There are four colors of red, green, blue and white.

The panel light of RGBW 60×120 cm adopts the side light-emitting technology to precisely design the optical structure. After the light passes through the light-transmitting plate with high light transmittance, it forms a uniform light-emitting effect, making the light bright and not glare. The design part of the frame is narrower than the common frame on the market, the stereoscopic effect is stronger, and the light-emitting area is larger.