Premium Low Glare UGR <19 and CRI 90 LED Panel Light

UGR panel lights measuring 300 x 1200 mm are ideal for modern office and school lighting. The overall thickness of the luminaire is only 10mm, which is very light and beautiful.

A unique anti-glare pattern covers the entire diffuser, ensuring that the luminaire achieves the low glare value and the UGR rating is less than 19. The panel lamp emits light evenly, the halo transition is natural, and there is no yellow spot stray light, and the light effect is ≥100LM/W. The UGR panel lamp also has a high color rendering value(CRI 90), which can truly reflect the texture and gloss color of the object itself, and avoid the visual error caused by the light on the object.

The panel light has a variety of different installation methods, embedded, suspended or ceiling-mounted, easy to install and flexible, suitable for airports, hotels, supermarkets, offices and other places.