office cct dimming 2800k-6500k smart 300*300mm 18w led panel light

This square 300*300mm panel light product is a dimming color temperature and high quality panel light, which can realize (2800K-6500K)cold white light, warm white light and white light to switch freely, which is suitable for lamp needs in various environments.

The lamp body is made of high-purity aerospace aluminum, and the structure is compact and reasonable. The aluminum frame has high rigidity and can better protect the light-emitting components. The frame of the lamp is tightly connected to prevent leakage and prevent dust; the imported high-quality lamp beads have a color rendering of more than 80, and the luminous efficiency can reach 80-120LM/W. The scientific structural design makes the luminous surface of the lamp larger, less light, and quality.

The milky white lamp is stylish and elegant, and can be integrated with the surrounding environment.