New design 12mm Ultra-thin changing color dimmable rgbw led panel light

The BR-PL6060-40W-W01 full-color new panel light is designed with the latest technology. The 10mm/12mm ultra-thin body is stylish and beautiful, the color can be changed, and the RGBW panel light is composed of red, green, blue and white. The dimmable energy of different color systems creates a dream space, which realizes the interactive switching between ambient lighting and main lighting effects.

The elegant appearance and high-quality materials of the lamps can display wonderful decorative effects. The frame has a high sealing design and seamless fit, which prevents the soda and dust accumulation from affecting the quality of use.

Flexible installations help to meet the diverse decorative needs of users. At present, the products are available in standard packaging of various models. If you have any needs, we can also customize the packaging.