Modern office 1-10V dimming light sensing UGR<19 standing floor lamp

The modern office standing floor lamp can realize up and down double-sided lighting, adopting high-quality anti-glare diffusing plate, clearly defining the illumination range through scientific microstructure design, eliminating high angle light (glare), enhancing the center effective light, and assisting to improve the luminous efficiency of the lamp at the same time. The suppression of the brightness of the lamp enables the lamp to achieve an indoor anti-glare standard of UGR<19.

The standing floor lamp also has a light sensing function, and the lamp can be intelligently adjusted according to the surrounding environment. When the surrounding environment is dark, the brightness of the lamp is automatically increased, when the surrounding is bright, the brightness of the lamp is automatically reduced, and the room is always at room time. Provide the best illumination, energy saving and environmental protection.