High quality 600*600mm IP65 IP66 slim led waterproof panel light

Billionaire Lighting IP65/IP66 waterproof panel light performance is superior, using multi-layer process whole light waterproof rubber, can be installed in humid and dusty places, such as bathroom, toilet, bath center, kitchen, swimming pool, car wash, etc., or can be installed in the right Special places with strict protection levels, such as clean rooms, hospitals, operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

The panel light are made of imported high-quality diffuser and made of high-grade aluminum. They have excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, good moisture resistance, anti-static, and are not easy to absorb dust. They can be safely used in wet areas without being affected by the surrounding environment.

The appearance of the flat panel light is ultra-thin and fashionable, and the frame is polished, polished and plated by multiple processes, full of metallic luster and texture.