Custom smart zigbee dimming lighting type 600*1200mm led panel light

BR-PL60120-54W-Z01 is one of the series of intelligent panel lights produced by Billionaire Lighting. It has 54w, 60w, 72w and other brightness options.

The panel light is made of high-quality heat-dissipating material and can work between -20 ° C and 55 ° C. The high transmittance light transmissive plate is waterproof, scratch-resistant and anti-aging, which can effectively extend the service life of the lamp. The product can be intelligently dimmed with zigbee technology. The lamp is switched from the on state to the brightness mode. There is no excessive response time. When the lamp is turned on, the brightness can be adjusted immediately, which saves energy.

The light can be used in two ways to adjust the brightness: remote control and wall switch control, which can be freely selected by the customer.