Custom design round flat surface 500mm high adjustable led panel light

This diameter 500mm custom round panel light can be designed with individualized artistic patterns. It can be used for both lighting and art decoration. The hanging line can be adjusted freely and is easy to install. It is a practical and practical product.

The lamp bead uses SMD2835 chip, the display index can reach more than 80, the color temperature is stable, which can effectively restore the true color. High-quality acrylic lampshade, high light transmittance, good sealing, and protect the lamp beads to make the product last longer. The lamp body is made of precision aluminum and does not yellow or rust. The exterior of the lamp is bright and beautiful, easy to clean.

The back plate is made of aluminum alloy anti-oxidation technology. It will not rust and leak under any environment. It has superior corrosion resistance and water resistance. It is still used in a humid environment for a long time.