Custom 60 watt 800mm big round up and down lighting led panel light

The Billionaire factory custom slim 60 watt 800mm diameter big size round flat up and down lighting led panel light was designed and developed by Billionaire Lighting based on environmental requirements.

The panel light has obvious advantages in style design, structure making and installation. The appearance of the light adopts the minimalist style of European design concept, which is luxurious and beautiful.

The lamp bead is made of imported 2835 chip, the service life is more than 3 times of ordinary LED light, and it has remarkable characteristics such as high color rendering index and stable illumination. The light adopts PMMA imported acrylic optical mask, and the light transmittance is over 95%. At present, there are two colors of black and white, and the light-emitting surface can be customized according to the user’s requirements to provide a good decorative effect for the lighting environment.