CE Rohs certificated round led circular panel light with mounted kits

The ce rohs certificated big round diameter hanging mounted light with a diameter of 400mm is light and stylish. It adopts the Nordic luxury round design to meet a variety of individual needs.

The lamp housing and color can be customized. The panel can add artistic patterns according to the user’s personal preference, such as bamboo branches pattern. Landscape painting patterns, geometric patterns, and so on. This line of chandeliers can be widely used in high-end venues such as hotel lobby, conference halls, bedrooms, etc., to create a beautiful lighting environment. The whole lamp adopts tight welding technology, and the strict sealing process can prevent mosquitoes from entering and has a longer service life.

The ceiling plate is made by high-temperature baking process, which has pure texture and shows the beauty of simple style. It is solid and stable, not deformed and durable.