Best smart Microwave and light sensing ugr<19 led standing desk lamp

The BR-FS0002-75W-C04 is a silver-white exterior. It is a high-end business smart standing desk lamp with a variety of functions. Its unique snap design makes the lamp more flexible for desktop lighting.

The standing table lamp can realize human body/Microwave sensing and light sensing function. When the daytime or the light is strong, the light sensing module of the station lamp locks the infrared sensing module and the delay switch module according to the sensing value; when the night or the light is dark, the light sensing module according to the sensing value, the infrared sensing module and the delay switch The module is on standby. The scientific human body induction design makes the luminaire more intelligent.

When the user is in the leaving state, the lamp automatically turns on the power saving mode after 30 minutes delay. When we return to the sensed position, the luminaire will automatically light up, and at the same time adjust the appropriate brightness, intelligent energy-saving and environmentally friendly design products.