Best acrylic LGP 600x1200mm multicolor changing rgb cct led frameless panel light

The best rgb cct frameless panel light with a size of 600x1200mm is simple and elegant, and the high-quality acrylic light guide makes the light even and soft.

This luminaire is designed and manufactured by Billionaire Lighting using the latest frameless technology, which effectively reduces the dark area of the light, and the whole lamp can be fully illuminated. Seamless splicing between lamps and lamps, and a variety of installation styles can be combined freely, both good lighting effects and artistic decoration.

This multicolor changing panel light can emit a variety of different colors of light, with dimming color temperature function, different colors of light can provide humanized scene lighting for lighting occasions, creating a beautiful and colorful lighting experience, very suitable for bars, KTV , clubs and other high-end entertainment venues.