Best 300600mm ugr19 smd 2835 led panel light with 3 years Warranty

This 300*600mm square panel light is an anti-glare panel light of UGR<19. This panel light adopts high-quality smd2835 lamps, ultra-thin LED panel, which can achieve super high light efficiency.

The lamp adopts imported high quality PMMA light guide plate with high transparency, chemical stability, good mechanical properties and weather resistance, beautiful appearance, high quality lamp beads and UGR diffuser plate, soft and even light, low glare in various places. Protect your eyes well. At the same time, the size and proportion of the panel lights can be customized according to customer needs, providing personalized service.

Can be applied to offices, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals, libraries, shopping malls, hotels, subways, factory Indoor lights, a variety of lighting.