• 600600mm Double-sided illumination ceiling modern led panel light

600*600mm Double-sided illumination ceiling modern led panel light

The 600x600mm double-sided illumination ceiling panel light is a modern light with uniform light and design. The milky white appearance is simple and sleek, and the thickness is only 10mm.

The panel light provides direct illumination with a 70% illumination ratio down, providing 30% illumination ratio of auxiliary illumination, which can effectively avoid stroboscopic and glare problems. Warm and soft light can provide a more comfortable lighting experience for the workplace. Effectively reduce visual fatigue.

The panel light can be used in offices, conference rooms, conference rooms, and reception areas. Billionaire Lighting can provide users with conventional sizes such as 600*600mm, 300*300mm, 300*1200mm, 600*1200mm, etc., and can also order in bulk according to customer requirements.