36w 40w 1200mm linear ceiling mounting 360 degree lighting led tube light

Compared with ordinary round pipeline strip lamps, our 36w 40w 1200mm linear led tube light adopt professional and high color rendering index SMD2835 LED lamp beads. Through the scientific design of lamp bead arrangement, the whole lamp can be covered with 360 degree without dead angle illumination, and the light is more soft and uniform. Conventional lamps of the same type mostly use PC lampshades, and the light transmittance is only 88%. Our products use PMMA lampshades, and the light transmittance is higher, up to 95%.

This light can be used for lighting needs in offices, conference rooms, classrooms, libraries, homes,indoor ceiling mounting etc. The entire lamp is guaranteed for three years. Customized products with special specifications such as different lengths, color temperatures, shapes and fixing methods are accepted.