360 degree lighting 600mm length linear led tube light for suspended

This product is a 360-degree 600mm length LED linear tube light, which can achieve all-round no-angle illumination within 360 degrees, high brightness and good lighting effect. The lamp has smooth lines and simple and elegant appearance. It adopts imported chips and high color rendering index LED lamp beads. The lamp bead is scientifically rigorous and uniform in illumination.

It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat and high lumen. Intelligent IC constant current drive can be used. The stability of the protection voltage can reduce the light decay and eliminate the stroboscopic. The whole lamp production material is green and environmentally friendly, and does not contain harmful substances of lead mercury lamps, saving energy and pollution.

This hanging light can be used for lighting needs in offices, conference rooms, classrooms, libraries, indoor ceiling suspended etc. It can be customized in different sizes and specifications.