300*1200mm up/down lighting suspended led panel light with mounted kits

Billionaire Lighting 300*1200mm specifications of the up and down lighting led panel lights, the appearance is milky white, simple and beautiful. The lamp adopts new environmentally friendly materials, energy saving and environmental protection, short start-up time, no flash screen; the unique optical design of the upper and lower illumination makes the lighting of the lamps soft and not glare.

The ratio of upper and lower light output can be customized as needed to meet the needs of customers for more individualization. The unique heat dissipation design of the luminaire enables the panel lamp to have high efficiency, low light decay and long life. The surface of the luminaire is bright and bright, and the illuminating uniformity provides a more comfortable lighting environment.

It can be applied to hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial uses, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy conservation and high color rendering index lighting are required.