240mm diameter 18W recessed round LED panel light

Billionaire Lighting’s 18W die-casting round flat LED panel light designed with a diameter of 240mm, it adopts SMD2835 high-quality LED chip, and the side lit design combined with high-efficiency power supply, which can effectively utilize lighting energy, save energy and protect the environment.

The interface of power supply and the lamp body adopt portable waterproof male and female plugs, which are convenient to connect and quick to disassemble, and can provide convenient support for future maintenance and upgrade. Acrylic matte surface make the lamps more sparkling and soft. The integrated aviation aluminum radiator can perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem and effectively extend the service life of the LED chip.

At present, the 18W die-casting round flat LED panel light has passed international certifications such as CE, RoHS, TUV, SAA , FCC etc.