2.4G Wireless control rgb color changing cct dimmable led no frame panel light

This product uses the latest frameless production technology, the whole lamp can be fully illuminated, the light is uniform and there is no dark area.

The panel light is equipped with a touch-type 2.4G wireless RGB color changing controller, which can realize RGB multi-color dimming color temperature, can create scene lighting for different environments, and is very suitable for bars, KTV, clubs and other entertainment places. The appearance of the lamp is milky white. The professional structure and shape design make the lamp show ultra-thin and fashionable visual effects. The embedded installation is simple and convenient, and no unnecessary accessories are needed.

At present, there are various sizes such as 300X300mm, 300X1200mm, 300X600mm, 600X600mm, 600X1200mm, etc. The same size has different power options, and other non-standard size panel lights can also be customized.