18W 24W 27W 36W 300*600mm CCT dimmable frameless led panel light

CCT dimming color temperature panel light is a practical type of lamp designed by Billionaire

Lighting based on humanized demand. The color temperature design fully integrates light color and human feeling, and uses light color to adjust people at different times. Different emotions. The panel light uses the latest technology of the frameless design, the structure is more compact and beautiful, and it can realize the whole surface without dark area.

The outer frame of the lamp is made of aluminum. The color of the outer frame is diversified. Custom colors (silver, white, black), wattage (18w, 24w, 27w, 36w), according to customer requirements. The light-emitting surface is made of acrylic plate. When the product is not lit, the surface is neat and smooth, the color is milky white, similar to the color of the ceiling.