100lm/w 300*600mm up and down lighting ceiling mount led panel light

BR-UD3060-36W-A01 is a panel light that can realize up and down lighting double-sided led panel light. The lamp adopts imported light guide plate, the light guide rate is over 80%, and the luminous efficiency is up to 100LM/W.

The whole lamp has a uniform luminous effect, which can indirectly emit 30% of light upwards and 70% of light directly downwards. The bright light is all-plane output, the illumination angle is wider, and the illumination has no dark areas. The panel light frame is made of high-quality aluminum, which is light and stylish, and has excellent heat dissipation function. It can be used for long-term use without discoloration or yellowing.

The up and down lighting ratios of the panel lights can also be customized according to user requirements, and there are many different illuminations and sizes to choose from.