1-10V dimming motion and light sensing smart touch ugr<19 office standing lamps

When we concentrate on learning or working, we often ignore changes in the environment, such as not turning on the lights at dusk, and unconsciously affecting our vision. In order to advocate the concept of healthy eye, we used the sensitization characteristics of the light sensor to design a light-sensing standing lamps that automatically controls the illumination according to the change of ambient light brightness.

The standing floor lamps adopts the side light-emitting technology, and the light is soft and uniform, and can be illuminated on both sides, ugr<19. The light can realize light control and manual dimming, and can automatically adjust the brightness of the standing lamps according to the intensity of the ambient light, thereby changing the brightness of the external environment and making the eyes in a comfortable environment.

At the same time, this standing lamps is also designed with human body sensing function, which can intelligently control whether we still need to use it, so there is no need to worry about whether we have left for too long, but it does not close the standing lamps that is being used, which can greatly save energy and humanized design.