0-10v dimming 70w standing LED light

Billionaire Lighting’s up and down lighting 0-10v dimming 70w standing LED light for reading and office lighting is mainly made of aluminum alloy profiles in the body, the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying,it is durable and not easy to change color or scratch.

The luminaire adopts advanced side lit light guiding technology, combined with the downwards direct lighting + upwards indirect, the high light transmittance optical grade pure PMMA light guide plate ensures uniform light without shadow and anti-glare effect.

The 70w standing LED light also has a 0-10V dimming function: the free dimming effect is achieved by changing the voltage from 0V to 10V to control the output current of the power supply. The 70w LED standing light will reaches the brightest state at 10V, and turned off when it is 0V.