New arrivals from Bill-lighting shows on 2019 HK Lighting Fair

New arrivals from Bill-lighting shows on 2019 HK Lighting Fair

New arrivals from Bill-lighting shows on 2019 HK Lighting Fair

From October 27 to October 30, 2019, the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as scheduled. It brought together more than 2,700 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions around the world. The industry’s innovative and stylish lighting products and lamps. As a comprehensive lighting service organization, Billionaire Lighting has been deeply involved in the field of lighting for many years, and has won a good market reputation with its strong product development and production strength. This year, billionaire lighting has been invited to attend this international lighting exhibition for many times, and all have achieved good performance.


Billionaire Lighting was invited to participate in the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair)

Market research shows that the lighting products market is fiercely competitive, and related intelligent system technologies are constantly being updated. With the trend of smart homes and offices, a new generation of lighting products is seeking a breakthrough in the direction of intelligence, and the demand for intelligent lighting products is increasing day by day. Billionaire Lighting is fully optimistic about this development trend. At this exhibition, we will focus on smart dimming series  standing floor lamps and transparent up and down lighting standing floor lights. Among them, the standing floor lamp also introduces the newly designed double-head series and desktop standing  desk/table series, which can not only intelligently touch but also automatically adjust the brightness and darkness according to optical components, and the market has great potential.



(A variety of new products are presented at the show)   square/round led panel light

The friendly lighting can create a pleasant lighting environment. Therefore, the humanized and intelligent product design is our original intention. During the exhibition, a variety of new floor lamps launched by Billionaire Lighting attracted widespread attention. In addition to the product display, our business department colleagues also actively shared the company’s product roadmap and future technical direction to the visitors, and conducted friendly exchanges.



(The staff communicates deeply with the on-site customers)

Over the years, Billionaire Lighting has been constantly innovating and surpassing itself. From a team of only a few people to an international company, we will continue to expand our international business and continuously increase our overseas market share. Participating in the “21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair” will not only further deepen the international strategic layout of Bill Optoelectronics, but also contribute to the construction of the lighting industry.

Well-known Fast Moving Consume Chain Enterprise Yonghui Supermarket

Reach a long term business relationship between Billionaire Lighting and Famous commercial supermarket in linear light items

In our life, lighting can not only be using for foil atmosphere, creating a good light environment, but also produce a scene lighting, not just lighting especially for supermarkets and shops. If you always hang out into supermarkets, you will notice that there usually is on lighting during whole day. Why so many commercial places are on light in during daytime ? of course it is to increase space brightness, more to make commodities showing effective and attractive, then further attracting consumers’ eyes for purchasing desire.

Better lighting decoration can promote selling consumption

Better lighting decoration can promote selling consumption

Single angle rotatable linear light/double angle rotatable linear light, developing and designing by Billionaire Lighting, is specially launched for supermarkets and all kinds of commercial places. The product design concept is derived from well-known American designers, while paying attention to the aesthetics of the appearance and taking into account the lighting effects in actual use, it has been widely welcomed by the market. In may, 2014, Well-known chain Yonghui Supermarket and Billionaire Lighting reached a business cooperation, ordered a large number of angle rotatable lights for supermarket lighting decoration, played a significant role in improving product sales and attracting market popularity.

Well-known Fast Moving Consume Chain Enterprise Yonghui Supermarket

Well-known Fast Moving Consume Chain Enterprise Yonghui Supermarket

Youngish Supermarket, established in 1998, headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian, is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. In November 2010, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd. to issue 110 million shares and listed them on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Since the conclusion of the transaction with Billionaire Lighting in May 2014, Yonghui Supermarket has fully optimistic about our linear lights and has contributed to the promotion of long-term cooperation between the two parties. In recent years, Yonghui Supermarket has put 80% of Billionaire Lighting’s linear lights into new stores every year, and 20% of the lights are used for upgrading old stores.

Billionaire Lighting Linear Lights are Applied to Yonghui Supermarket

Billionaire Lighting Linear Lights are Applied to Yonghui Supermarket

Besides Yonghui Supermarket, Billionaire Lighting linear light are also selling to Australia, Russia, France and other parts of the world, and have been highly praised. The light body and track integration, seamless connection between the tracks, no redundant cables, have greatly save material costs, cable deployment and installation costs. For large commercial supermarkets, Billionaire Lighting linear lights can save tens of thousands of dollars and more materials and installation costs compared to ordinary lighting at the same standard. At the same time, it can bring a simple and bright effect to the supermarket environment, also giving consumers a better visual experience.

In order to achieve better lighting effects, the flexible design of the flip-type lamp body structure has been added during the development of the Bill-lighting’s led linear light, which makes the lamp more convenient and user-friendly during use, and fully utilizes the optical advantage by adjusting the angle of the lamp. Let the light beam evenly distributed on the shelves of goods, stimulate consumers to buy, condense the attractiveness of the store, and win higher popularity.

Bill-lighting linear lights installed in Yonghui supermarkets

Bill-lighting linear lights installed in Yonghui supermarkets

As a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, Bill Optoelectronics has dozens of high-end talents to form a first-class product design team. It has a strong engineering R&D team of more than 10 persons and come with rich experience in ODM and OEM. Over the years, we have adhered to the mission of  improving people’s living experience space, and determined to become a world-class intelligent lighting enterprise. We accept product consulting and ordering services from all over the world. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

led panel light LM-80

About the LM-80 test, you want to know all about this

  • What is Lumen Maintenance ?

It is important to get know well of lumen first. As usually, we refer to the amount of light emitted by the LED light source per unit time as the luminous flux, unit: lumen, LM. The amount of light is for light source, description of size of the total amount of light emitted by the light source, equivalent to the luminous power, and greater the luminous flux of the light source, the more light is emitted. When a luminaire ignites under specified conditions, the ratio of the luminous flux at a particular time during the life of the lamp to that of the initial of the lamp, expressed as a percentage. The luminous flux will be decreasing as increasing ignition time, so the effective life is defined by the lumen maintenance rate. When the luminous flux maintenance rate is lower than 50%, it can be regarded as the lamp has reached the service life, but the national standard requires the lumen maintenance rate of 2000H to be not less than 78%, the advanced level in foreign countries requires not less than 90% on same situation; the standard of the US Energy Star is that the lumen maintenance rate is not less than 80% at 40% of rated life.

LED Initial luminous flux percentage in Billionaire Lighting

LED Initial luminous flux percentage in Billionaire Lighting

A noun refers to “light degradation”, corresponding to the lumen maintance, of which is inversely proportional each other. The light degradation of LED is mainly affected by the following two factors: 1. LED quality–LED chip in it is not good, and brightness is attenuation in a faster speed. There exsits defect craft during production, and the heat dissipation of the LED chip cannot be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in an excessive temperature of the LED chip, which intensifies the chip attenuation. 2. Using surroundings–The LED is driven by a constant current, and some of the LEDs are driven by voltage, which will make the LED attenuate faster. Obviously, the lumen maintenance rate is the core factor for judging the advantages and disadvantages of LED light sources.

Lumen Maintenance Graph

Lumen Maintenance Graph

  • What is LM-80 ?

As is well -known, working under a standard current and condition, LED will keep a long worklife, 50000 hours even longer. During spending the entire life, the LED light output is slowly depreciation , the spectrum may shift, resulting in color and luminious efficacy failure. In order to better promote the standard development, testing and certification of LED lighting product and regulate the LED market flourish, IESNA and ANSI jointly issued the LM-80 certification and TM-21.

In generally, LM-80 is a test for LED packages, arrays, and maintance lumen and color of modules. The testing time need to reach 6000 hours according to standard of Energy Start and IESNA LM-80, which can allow to do LM-80 testing certificate and reports using LED package, array, module optics. This report is a world-recognized international certification for the performance of products with a world-recognized and credible method, an important criterion for the quality of LED light sources.

LM-80 life requirement diagram

LM-80 life requirement diagram

In the LM-80 report, testing is required at least one product, at the same current, at three different temperatures (55 ° C / 85 ° C / optional temperature). When the LED device is used in the finished product, it will test the temperature of its corresponding point and the driving current of the LED. Comparing the temperature and current conditions of the finished product with the temperature and current conditions in the report, if the conditions in the report are more stringent, the reported data can be adopted.

During the LM-80 test, the aging process needs to be separated from the test process. The aging process must strictly control the temperature of the Tc to 55 degrees, 85 degrees, or the temperature specified by the supplier. After aging to the specified test interval, return to the test environment for photometric testing. The LM-80 requires testing of luminous flux and color parameters, and has high requirements for environmental control, temperature control of Tc, and power supply equipment, also has detailed requirements for tracking and recording of samples and aging processes. It can be said that passing the LM-80 certification is the highest recognition of the product, and it also means that it has achieved international leadership in terms of lumen maintenance and life, and can meet the demanding needs of the high-end LED intelligent lighting market.

Billionaire Lighting LM-80 light attenuation curve of the LED chips at 85°C

Billionaire Lighting LM-80 light attenuation curve of the LED chips at 85°C

Billionaire Lighting LM-80 light attenuation curve of the LED chips at 115°C

Billionaire Lighting LM-80 light attenuation curve of the LED chips at 115°C

  • How to judge a qualified LM-80 report?

How to assess the lumen maintenance rate of LED products is an important parameter to determine the quality of products, and is also an important indicator to distinguish the quality of light sources. The importance of LM80 to LED products is self-evident. So, how to judge whether a LM-80 report is qualified or not? In this regard, There are several points that are worthy of attention: 1, The luminous attenuation percentage and attenuation curve of the test product. 2, The color drift of the test product, that is, the color difference between 6000 hours and 0 hours.

Billionaire Lighting LED chips color maintenance results by LM-80 test

Billionaire Lighting LED chips color maintenance results by LM-80 test

Secondly, it is also worth noting whether the LM-80 reports has authorization, whether it meets the standard of test requirements, whether the sample quantity meets the requirements of the finished product energy efficiency certification, whether the color difference meets the standard requirements, whether the percentage of attenuation and its estimated life can meet the requirements.

LED Panel Lights: What Makes It the Best Choice for Ceiling Lamps Anywhere

Whether it’s an office, designer shop, salon or a designer boutique, you know the importance of lighting and how it can create magic. Lighting in your homes, offices etc adds the wow factor to your exterior as well as interior setting, and it even affects our emotional behaviour, our stress level and mood. Because of this affect, it is important to invest good on lights, and LED Panel Lights as Ceiling lights for your space is the best option.

Extensive Light Coverage

All office settings and retail stores usually need bright lighting for better viewing of files, or designs or products etc. Dim lighting in such spaces can be very unsuitable and troublesome as it makes the customer uncomfortable to look at a product in a dim light. For this purpose, LED Panel lights as ceiling lights are best for substantial light coverage over the space. These are perfect because of their neutrality, they are not too bright or glaring to hurt your eyes and are excellent for places like offices and retail stores. The best part about using LED Panel lights for ceiling lights is that they can instantly be turned out without any warming up, which is both great for energy saving as well as safety purposes.

Customize Your LED Panel Lights

LED Panel lights can be used as ceiling fixtures and the amazing thing about it is that you can customize it according to your choice. These are mainly designed to replace the traditional fluorescent flat panels that cost a lot of energy and electricity. You can use the LED Panel lights in grid ceilings or even hang from hooks. There is a wide range of options available to choose from in terms of colour temperatures; these are warm, white, yellow, natural white, and daylight colour as well. There is also a variety of different sizes you can choose the LED Panel lights from, e.g. 2×2 feet, 2×4 feet etc. This means you can choose the right suitable lights according to your space.

How are LED Panel lights and LED Ceiling Lights Similar?

There remains a common confusion among people about the difference between LED Panel lights and Ceiling Lights; mostly because of their appearance. But their applications and effects are actually very different. The common things among both are that LED as a light source is completely environmentally friendly, it helps in saving energy, as well as it helps you in saving money. These are usually used for indoor lighting but can be used for commercial use as well. Now the contrasting factor is that the LED Panel lights are available in standard shapes, whereas the ceiling fixtures are available in different shapes and sizes which makes it more convenient for the customers to choose from. But usually, the most commonly used lights are shaped round or square, which are a pretty decent option for LED lighting commercially, so it comes out as the best choice.

Contrasting Differences between LED Panel Lights & Fluorescent Tube Lamps

Both Light emitting diodes and fluorescent lights are providing different lighting options. Both have numerous numbers of different applications. Both of these have a great light spread range due to which these lights can be seen in warehouses, outdoor and general room lighting. Actually the buyers do not have the general understanding of differences between the two technologies which usually accepts the decisions. Definitely if you will not have the enough knowledge about these two you will take wrong decisions. Both fluorescent lighting system and LED panel lighting system are entirely using different type of technologies. We will give you a knowledgeable comparison between the two different technologies.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

This technology was firstly developed in 1962. It is using “light emitting diode” which is a semi-conductor. This material has dual characteristics of both electrically conductive and a insulative material. These LED lights can emit a broad spectrum of light colors. The broadness of the spectrum is directly proportional to the composition of material used in semi-conductor. LED lights are not emitting significant amount of heat.

Fluorescent Lamps

This technology was first experimented in 18th century. It is made up of mercury vapor and a phosphor coating on the inside. When electric current passes through the tube it instigates the mercury vapor which causing it to emit ultra-violet light. After the emission the phosphor coating in the fluorescent light will absorb the ultra violet light and it re-emit it in the form of visible lighting. These fluorescent lights are usually coming in long glass tubes. Due to the involvement of mercury in its production it is very much hazardous waste as it is difficult to dispose it off properly.

Major points of differentiation b/w LED Panel Lights and Fluorescent Lamps are following:


LED pan el lights are very much efficient in comparison with fluorescent lamps. Efficiency usually measures with the lumens per watt. The results show that fluorescent lamps are not showing good results.


Lifespan of LED panel lights have a larger lifespan in comparison with fluorescent lighting. The basic advantage of larger lifespan of LED lighting is due to the less emission of heat whereas the fluorescent lamps are using the technology which emits more heat which is not enabling them to have a larger working life.


LED lights are usually much smaller than the traditional size of fluorescent lights. LED lights usually take smaller space and their installation is ease. LED panel lights can also be replaced whenever it is required where as fluorescent lamps are not giving the users this advantage.

Cost Reduction

Due to multiple comparative advantages LED panel lights are reducing your cost whereas you need to replace the fluorescent lamps frequently. At the time of purchasing probably LED lights will cost you more than fluorescent lights but in the long run LED panel lights will be more beneficial especially concerning the rising economical trends of the country.

Photo before the end of the activity

2019 Outdoor teamwork building activity of Billionaire Lighting Co.,ltd

Hold annual outdoor activities to strengthen Billighting’s corporate culture

In order to improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness, promote communication and cooperation among various departments, enhance team friendship, and enrich employees’ spare time cultural life, Shenzhen Billionaire Lighting co., ltd. held the theme expansion activity of “gather strength · dare to fight” in Shiyan tree farm on July 13. More than 200 employees of the company actively participated in this activity and enjoyed the fun brought by the collective activity after busy work, which added a generous color to the team building and corporate culture building of the company.

All colleagues moves into the Shiyan outdoor farm

All colleagues moves into the Shiyan outdoor farm

Through this outward bound, we learned through practice and changed through learning, fully understood the importance of “responsibility, communication and cooperation”, and effectively relaxed in the tense work.

Work together for achieving goal, learn more about the importance of teamwork

On the morning of 13th, all the staff set out in an orderly way, singing and laughing all the way to the green tree farm. Under the influence of Mr. Hu impassioned pep talk, the partners’ fighting spirit was instantly lit up, and enjoyed themselves in nature.

The vice-president Mr. Hu spoke on stage before the event

The vice-president Mr. Hu spoke on stage before the event

In the warm-up exercise before the official start of the activity, each partner kneaded the shoulder and slapped the back for the neighboring teammates. In the game activity and team test of listening to instructions, employees from different departments quickly integrated into each other. Here, the coach reminded us to forget about our careers and duties, let go of our mental burdens, got to know our teammates quickly, stimulated our potential, and increased our executive and working ability with greater team strength.

The warm-up exercise allowed colleagues from different departments to get together quickly

The warm-up exercise allowed colleagues from different departments to get together quickly

In the following activities, under the guidance of the coach, we were divided into several groups to participate in training programs such as “challenge 100 seconds”, “south-to-north water diversion” and “power circle”. Each elaborate expansion project aroused our strong interest and enthusiasm. In the process of expanding the experience, colleagues from different departments cooperate with each other in a tacit way and conquer projects that were once considered impossible to complete, fully realizing the importance of team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization and teamwork.

The fun "challenge 100 seconds" segment

The fun “challenge 100 seconds” segment

The activity link of "south-to-north water diversion" to test group cooperation

The activity link of “south-to-north water diversion” to test group cooperation

Inspiring "power circle" interpretation

Inspiring “power circle” interpretation

At noon, you wash rice, I gather wood; You catch the fish and I serve it. All the company members participated in the production of rural firewood rice, which became a beautiful farm scenery. From washing and cutting vegetables, burning fire, stir-frying, each link everyone was actively involved in the cooking, and cooked up a lot of delicious dishes. The partners were laughing and laughing, and there was a tacit cooperation between the groups. Everyone could find a suitable role in the kitchen, which could virtually shorten the distance between everyone and experience the fun brought by cooking.

Self-sufficiency, cook delicious farm meals

Self-sufficiency, cook delicious farm meals

After the lunch break, the “fun tug-of-war” competition in the afternoon pushed the hot atmosphere of the expansion to the climax. Every member of the team used all his strength and perseverance to win the final victory.

Amazing tug-of-war

Amazing tug-of-war

Cheerleaders cheered for their teammates and enjoy the joy of team victory. To boost morale, Mr. Hu awarded thousands of yuan in cash prizes to his team members after the expansion project ended.

Mr. Hu presented a cash prize to the group for outstanding performance

Mr. Hu presented a cash prize to the group for outstanding performance

Take the path of sustainable development, Billighting always strive for the best

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Billionaire Lighting co., ltd. has been adhering to the sustainable development line of excellence, committed to the pursuit of the ultimate peak state, determined to make every product the best, and make our service the best. The purpose of this expansion is not only to let employees relax in their busy work, but also to make every colleague of the company become a value employee who focuses on the spirit of artisans, discover and break themselves through challenges and experiences, and contribute to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the efficient development of the lighting industry.

Photo before the end of the activity

Photo before the end of the activity

In the evening, we continued to return, marking the end of the expansion activities. The smiling face in the group photo left a good memory for the group’s expansion and drew a satisfactory full stop.

Your Basic Guide to LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights are designed specifically to develop an alternative to conventional fluorescent light. They prove to be longer lasting, more efficient, and much brighter which makes them the best choice for indoor lighting. The LED technology has taken over the lighting industry by storm and has been standing at the top position for quite a while now. But LED Panel lights are new to the market and are sleek, innovative and improvised for ultimate convenience.

Especially Crafted Designs

LED Panel lights are designed specifically to allow better and improvised luminosity and illuminated conditions. LED Panel lights are designed usually of a lightweight aluminium frame, which consists of three layers. The frame is one of the most basic constituents of an LED Panel light and benefit the lights to save themselves from any light leakage. The three layers include the LED chips, a diffuser and a light guide plater. The diffuser is usually located at the very front of the light guide plate; and functions to distribute the light evenly across the given space.

There also exists a light reflector at the very back of the LED guide plate, this is an important element of solid backing, which adds to the lighting fixture’s strength and overall look. What’s more, the LED Panel lights are equipped with a heat sink system, offering you safety and security!

High Quality of Light

Now, for high quality of LED, you need the LED guide plate to be of an optical material designed specifically to offer bright lighting in connection to electric current. The guide plate and diffuser work collectively to create and distribute light evenly across the surface, as well as produce soft results instead of glare and sharp brightness. Because of the quality of materials used, LED Light panels produce high quality of light without any flickering, humming or any sort of interference.

Good Materials and Light Colour

Aluminium is the most ideal material for LED panel frames, as well as for the back cover of the panel lights. The LEDs themselves are made of collective use of gallium, arsenal and aluminium which are mixed with impurities to create free electrons; that enhance the semiconductor materials’ conductivity. The impurities determine the colour of the light produces, without using any filters.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting uses a lot less energy than traditional lighting devices such as fluorescent bulbs. The power consumption of an LED bulb ranges around 6 watts, which is twice the amount of power traditional bulbs produce and that too by utilizing only a fraction of energy in comparison.

Variety of LED Panels

The LED Panel Lights can be categorized into four types; recessed, mounted, build-in, suspended. LED panel lights can be mounted on walls, hanged on the roof, suspended from the ceiling etc. These are used creatively in all places including homes, offices, schools, libraries, restaurants etc. The choice of the type of LED panel light you require would always depend on the space you want the lights for.

How to choose the right color temperature for home and office LED lights 

If you are an ordinary homeowner or a lighting designer then you are probably look for the right color temperature for home or office LED lights. The color temperature plays a significant role in the ambiance of the space which is why it is important to choose the right color temperature. In this post, the best tips will be provided to help you choose the right color temperature for LED lights.

What is color temperature?

The color temperature is used for describing the color shading of the light that is given off. The term is used in science and physics for the temperature of a hot glowing black body radiation. You probably might be thinking that how come the higher color temperature is described as being a cooler color while the lower color temperature is thought of as warm. The fact is that the color temperature is measured in degrees of Kelvin on a scale of 1000 to 10,000.

How to choose the correct color temperature for home and office LED lights

The LED light color temperature has been assigned using the basis of CCT (correlated color temperature). Daylight, cool white and warm white are the three types of colors. People will have a different feeling towards a different color temperature. As an example, the warm white might make people feel warm. The color temperature of the LED lighting is chosen on the basis of the ambience that is to be created. \


Normally, it is said that 70 percent of the LED lamps need to be 2700K – 3500K. It is what a normal incandescent would look like. Any lower color temperatures should not be considered. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, the kitchen and dining room.


For rooms that are less cozy such as the gym, game room or office, the 4500K – 5000K is ideal. It helps create a much cooler environment while allowing the occupants to be more alert. Rooms will appear brighter since concentration would be needed.


Normally, a color temperature of 6000K – 6500 K does not need to be used unless there is a critical task that needs to be performed in the room such as a hobby room, garage or shop. However, there is nothing wrong with opting for temperatures that are 5000K or under.

Exterior lighting

Now, the exterior lighting depends on how you would like to feel. If you want a more homely look than 3000K should be used. However, for a less inviting look, 3500K should be great. As an example, LED flood lights can be used to light plants in the backyard. LED lighting is perfectly energy efficient as compared to their traditional counterparts. They help save you many costs such as electricity bills and more.

Different LED lights can be used for different spaces to create the intended ambience that is required for the area. There is a difference between the color temperature for a home and an office.

What is the Difference between SMD and COB LED Lighting?

SMD means Surface Mounted Device and COB stands for Chip On Board. Light emitting diode or LED for short has become highly popular. The Surface Mounted Device (SMD) was initial presented in 2008. Whereas, the COB LED technology has been available since 2010 in Guangzhou at the Canton Fair.

These SMD chips are of various colors such as Blue, Green and Red which helps produce tinted lights. The COB LED lights are either ceramic or light weight aluminum.

What is an SMD LED Light?
SMD lights use SMT technology which places the LED chip onto a PCB. The PCB board is constructed in a flat item, rectangular-shaped, and is what one said as an SMD. One can see a tiny black point at the center of the SMD if you look carefully in an SMD LED, it is the LED chip. The rear side of it has two steel points (cathode as well as anode) which are made use of for soldering with the circuit for the light.

The 5050 SMD has three steel points as there are three chips inside. The SMD Led has different types, such as 5730, 5630, 5050, 3030, 3014 and also 2835. Each of these is called according to the measurements of the LED meaning it is based on the width and length. Prior to the COB was created, the SMD 5050 as well as 3528 was made use of.

What is a COB LED?
The COB LED uses the brand-new encapsulation innovation. As compared to the SMD 5050: 3 chips or the 3528: 1 chip, the COB LED has numerous chips on the same printing circuit board (PCB). The PCB gets on the substrate of the COB. The diode chips of the COB are ranged in series/ or parallel which depends upon the circuit. This substratum can either be ceramic or light weight aluminum. If you are searching for a much better thermal conductive efficiency, then the ceramic type is what you need as it will guarantee a much lower LED running temperature.

The COB LED has 2 metal link points, the cathode and anode. The COB has a better thermal conductivity as compared to the SMD, due to the fact that it mounts chips straight to the substrate that has a substantial cooling space. In order to have the COB dimension to be as little as possible, the circuit needs to be made to reduce the chip’s distance.

COB LEDs are available in different forms which make it easier for them to be utilized for different fittings. Whereas, SMD lights can just be made use of for restricted fittings, there are lots of advantages of using COB LED lights such as far better thermal conductivity as well as lower manufacturing failing rates as a result of the patent layout.

Choosing between SMD and COB LED lamps relies on your requirements. Both of the lights are being utilized for various applications. When choosing in between the two lights, first know about which fixture is being used for. LED lights have changed the entire lights market.

How to choose the right beam angle for LED lights

The right beam angle of the LED lights plays a huge role which is why it is important to choose the right one. Nobody likes walking into a dimly lit space. One of the reasons behind it is the wrong beam angle of the lights. In this post, you will learn how to choose the right beam angle for LED lights.

What’s a beam angle for LED lights?

It is the angle for the LED light which spreads across the area when the LED light gets switched on. Beam spread is another name which is used to describe it. Choosing the right beam angle allows the building to have the type of visibility and ambience that you want. The main consideration of the beam angle for LED lights is the space that should be lit. There are certain considerations which need to be taken into account.

  1. Building Type

The first thing which needs to be considered is the building type. You have to consider how many lighting fixtures would be needed for the building. It is only then that you would be able to choose the right beam angle. The beam angle depends on the height of the ceiling as it impacts the visibility and illumination. An example would be a warehouse that has high ceilings that would require an LED high bay light that has a different beam angle as compared to a retail outlet.

  1. Number of LED Lights

The number of lumens required for a space needs to be determined and in order to do the number of LED lights needs to be considered. For a commercial space, 70 lumens would be needed per square foot. A lighting layout design plan is a great way to figure out the beam angle for LED lights. To get a number in total lumens, the industry standard would be multiplied by the area of the building.

  1. Height of Light Fixtures and Ceilings

The height of the ceilings needs to be checked to ensure that the beam angles overlap. Overlapped beam angles ensure that the entire space has been covered by light which helps prevent any injury. Normally, the height of a ceiling is anywhere around 7.9 and 8.9 ft. Therefore, a wider beam angle of 60 or more degrees would be sufficient. However, if the ceiling height is over 8.9 ft then a narrow beam angle that is below 45 degrees would need to be considered.

  1. LED Light Bulb Type

Now, it is important to consider the LED light bulb type as it influences the amount of light that is given to a space. There are different types of LED bulbs out there. For example, in industrial spaces that have high ceilings, the higher the lighting fixtures, the narrower the beam angle would need to be. As for a lower ceiling, the beam angle needs to be wider. A reflector which be needed if you are using high bay lights.