Your Basic Guide to LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights are designed specifically to develop an alternative to conventional fluorescent light. They prove to be longer lasting, more efficient, and much brighter which makes them the best choice for indoor lighting. The LED technology has taken over the lighting industry by storm and has been standing at the top position for quite a while now. But LED Panel lights are new to the market and are sleek, innovative and improvised for ultimate convenience.

Especially Crafted Designs

LED Panel lights are designed specifically to allow better and improvised luminosity and illuminated conditions. LED Panel lights are designed usually of a lightweight aluminium frame, which consists of three layers. The frame is one of the most basic constituents of an LED Panel light and benefit the lights to save themselves from any light leakage. The three layers include the LED chips, a diffuser and a light guide plater. The diffuser is usually located at the very front of the light guide plate; and functions to distribute the light evenly across the given space.

There also exists a light reflector at the very back of the LED guide plate, this is an important element of solid backing, which adds to the lighting fixture’s strength and overall look. What’s more, the LED Panel lights are equipped with a heat sink system, offering you safety and security!

High Quality of Light

Now, for high quality of LED, you need the LED guide plate to be of an optical material designed specifically to offer bright lighting in connection to electric current. The guide plate and diffuser work collectively to create and distribute light evenly across the surface, as well as produce soft results instead of glare and sharp brightness. Because of the quality of materials used, LED Light panels produce high quality of light without any flickering, humming or any sort of interference.

Good Materials and Light Colour

Aluminium is the most ideal material for LED panel frames, as well as for the back cover of the panel lights. The LEDs themselves are made of collective use of gallium, arsenal and aluminium which are mixed with impurities to create free electrons; that enhance the semiconductor materials’ conductivity. The impurities determine the colour of the light produces, without using any filters.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting uses a lot less energy than traditional lighting devices such as fluorescent bulbs. The power consumption of an LED bulb ranges around 6 watts, which is twice the amount of power traditional bulbs produce and that too by utilizing only a fraction of energy in comparison.

Variety of LED Panels

The LED Panel Lights can be categorized into four types; recessed, mounted, build-in, suspended. LED panel lights can be mounted on walls, hanged on the roof, suspended from the ceiling etc. These are used creatively in all places including homes, offices, schools, libraries, restaurants etc. The choice of the type of LED panel light you require would always depend on the space you want the lights for.

Customized LED Panel Lights for German Fire Engine Trucks / Vehicles – Case Study

OML is a German company specializing in the production and sales of fire fighting and environmental protection equipment. In March 2018, Mr. Karl, the purchase merchandiser of OLM, contacted Jessie who is the foreign trade salesman of Billionaire Lighting. Mr. Karl intends to order a batch of customized LED panels that can be used in accident rescue fire engine trucks, flood rescue vehicles, conventional rescue fire engine trucks, earthquake rescue vehicles, communication fire engines, airport fire engine trucks, forest fire engine trucks and other special vehicles.

According to customer needs, Billionaire Lighting has designed and manufactured 1000 sets of customized LED panel lights of 1845*535*80mm for OML. Compared with traditional lamps, special vehicle lamps require higher quality and performance,  require good lighting effects, and require excellent dimming performance for easy use. Therefore, in the process of designing and production, the LED chips, wires and material are all made of high-quality raw materials and brands; the DC24V power supply can be adapted to any vehicle or ship DC power supply system; it can be installed on any vehicle or ship. Regardless of size, structure, current, and voltage, it conforms to international standards and we have been strictly controlled the quality of LED panel lights.

These custom made LED panel lights for fire engine vehicles can be divided into two parts, which can emit red, white and green light. Red and green light can be used for indication, and white light can be used as illumination. The lamp housings are mainly made of high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy. The heat dissipation structure is specially designed to ensure the rapid diffusion of heat during the operation of the lamps and improve the lifespan and reliability of the lamps. It has obvious advantages such as strong toughness, not easy to break, not afraid of exposing to sunshine and waterproof.

Customized fireproof LED panel lights for Spain marine boats – Case Study

In August 2018, a visiting team from P.F company, which a well-known shipbuilding company in Spain, they have been traveled across the ocean to Billionaire Lighting for an on-site visiting trip. Prior to arriving at Billionaire Lighting, Mr. BR, purchasing manager of P.F company, had several in-depth communications with our sales manager Rose, during the communications, Mr. BR said that P.F company wanted to order a batch of fireproof LED panel lights for marine usage with various specifications. After knowing the requirements from customer, our staff responded quickly and designed the samples at the soonest time, and then delivered these samples to Spain, and sincerely invite P.F. team to visit our company for face-to-face communication.

P.F company is a well-known shipbuilding company in Spain, since its establishment, the company has built more than 1,000 vessels. The current construction vessels mainly include cruise ships, ro-ro ships and ocean-going vessels. After arriving at Billionaire Lighting for an on-site checking, P.F. showed a high degree of recognition for our products, and the two parties finally reached a batch of 1080 sets of custom-made LED panel lighting for ships.

These batches of marine used LED panel lamps designed for P.F company are mainly divided into three specifications, namely 9000*680*12mm, 850*580*12mm and 380*550*12mm. The lighting system is advanced in design and sophisticated in technology. The whole lamp is made of fireproof material. It has various properties such as fireproof, waterproof, anti-fog and dustproof. It can be stored in the environment of -40° to +80°C, and working among -20° to 45 ° C, the service life is up to 50,000 hours. At the same time, the lamps are easy to install and use DC24V low voltage to ensure product and user safety. If you have special requirements for marine lighting or fireproof LED panel lights, please contact us at any time for private order.

Custom design LED panel lights for French equipment / machines – Case Study

In June 2019, Mr. JK from BNC of France saw LED panel light products information released by Billionaire Lighting from the Internet. After comparing our products with many domestic and foreign competitors, Mr. JK contacted our sales representative Belinda for the first time. Through in-depth communication and understanding with Belinda, Mr. J.K is very optimistic about our products, and the two parties have happily reached a contract for the custom-made LED panel lights for machinery and equipment of 900 pieces.

BNC is the leading manufacturer of CNC wire and pipe bending machines. Its products are widely used in wire and pipe forming, among which CNC wire bending machines have a high global market share. This batch of LED panel lights customized for BNC by Billionaire Lighting are mainly used in automatic sorting machines to effectively supplement the light source for better lighting effects. These custom-made LED panel lights use DC24V voltage for safe and stable performance. With panel lights as supplemental lighting, BNC’s equipment operators can achieve a better visual experience when operating the machine, significantly reducing equipment operating error frequency, improving work efficiency and product quality.

After these LED panel lights arrived at French BNC company, they were highly praised by the company and said that they will continue to maintain friendly cooperation with Billionaire Lighting. If you have any special needs regarding the panel lights for your equipment or machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.